Transcription Notes:

Here are two letters to Eileen (Lylie) Gertrude Daly (nee Green) written in 1960 by her parents. The date is worked out from the date of Eileen's birth and the fact that 5 June 1960 was a Sunday. At the time Eileen lived in Brisbane with her husband Michael and her parents lived in the Adelaide suburb of Tusmore. Michael has recently sold his business interests and is developing a block of new apartments. He is working from home preparing and planning. Jennifer is their eldest daughter who recently ceased being a boarder at Loreto Convent in Brisbane.

Eileen's father died 10 days after writing his letter. The lemons were picked by the Nicholas boys, children of her sister Ann. A Cwt (pronounced hundred weight) is about 51 kilograms and 26/- (pronounced twenty six shillings) is worth about $35 nowadays. But the purchasing power would have been much more then. Largs is Largs Bay, an Adelaide suburb, and Victor is Victor Harbor. Kay (K) and Ann and Phil/Nin are Eileen's sisters. Pog / Poggy is family nickname for Eileen; each child had a family nickname. Nin is Margaret Phyllis Green (1911-2017) whom we called Aunty Phil, or Aunty Nin. The letters are transcribed as written, including the spelling and grammatical errors.

MWJ Daly

February 2018

Sunday 5th
19 Brandreth St

My Dear Lyly

Well I think it is time I wrote to you and as it is your birthday this week I thought I better take the opportunity of letting you know we are all alive and kicking, although we are almost frozen. It is the coldest winter we have had for years. We picked our lemons yesterday. Billie and Patrick came out and did the climbing and picking. We collected 3 wheat bags full about ton altogether. I went into town last Friday to register the car and get my driving licence. It was the first time I have been in town years. I am rather groggy now. I fall down a good bit, and generally bump my big fat head . Well Poggy I must close now as I can't scribble any more now so will (?) lot of, love to your all at Brisbane. I remain

Yours affectionately


Sunday (5 June 1960)

My Dear Lylie and everyone

This is to wish you a very happy Birthday Pog and many more may God Bless you always. Thank you very much for your generous gift for my Birthday. You should not of sent all that and any way is was very sweet of you. I and getting a seat in a little chair will put it to that and will think of you when I sit in it. I still pray for you all. Very lovely selling at Broad Beach and far better for Michael doing the Flats up there as he knows every one and to find out the right thing to do with his money. It's raining here today the season has opened up wonderful here every one is happy.

I met some people while I was staying at Largs he is a business man and he said with all the places he has been to Brisbane is going ahead very fast indeed.

Did Jennifer enjoy her Party dance her frock and coats sounds lovely.

Teenagers love clothes they may as well dress up they are only young once. As a day scholar she would know nice girls more friendly than Boarders

You must find Michael nice company at home near you doing his work.

Yesterday Ann's children came out and picked the lemons for us we had 5 bags of lemons he said he would give 26/- a Cwt. We had a nice sunny day it's raining here today. Janie said a Prayer for a fine day. She is a Saint of a child. So Good. K and Jack have been down to Victor for a few days..

Yes Pog you were lucky not buying (?) a shack. The storm has been very bad. K. Nin Ann have gone to Loreto today just a meeting of chat (?) afternoon tea. Haven't seen any thing of (?) she rang K not long ago.

Well my dears for now Good bye Love Mum xx