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Transcription Notes:

Below is an extract of a section of a letter from Tom Burgess (1871-1931) to his sister Mary Agnes Daly who married Daniel Daly. I do not know the whereabouts of the full letter. Mary was living in Morris Street, Paddington by this time.

The letter is dated at the bottom as 5-7-1926 which might be read either as May 7 or 5 July 1926 as both dates formats have been used in various letters in this series.

Note the variation in the spelling of Magnor/Magner, half-uncle to Tom.

The school mentioned in the letter, Ballycahill N.S., is a still a primary school situated approximately 4 miles west of Thurles in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. In 2010 it is a three teacher school with 61 pupils.

Tom is living at Rostellan. This town, Aghada and Whitegate are three sister towns on the eastern side of Cork Harbour.

MWJ Daly

Michael Magnor was the only child of his Mother's first marriage. By her second husband, Richard Bride, she had only two children (daughters). The eldest child Abina Bride married my father John J Burgess, and had 15 children. The youngest daughter, Ellen Bride, married John Sweeney, and died without having any children. Michael Magner deserted his ship in Australia and went to the Gold fields and made a lot of money. He came home in the early seventies (ie in the 1870's) and returned to Australia taking with him my eldest brother, Edmond Burgess who died in New South Wales. Magner came home again in 1877 and returned to there in 1878. His mother, Hannah Bride, died the same year. Since his arrival in Australia we have practically no news of him. On 2nd December, 1878, he wrote from Sydney to a John Curtin Book saying he was leaving next day for 3 days' sail and 800 miles in the interior. A friend of ours here, some time after said he received an Australian paper on which was a report stating Magner was killed by the natives, while on a Gold rush to New Guinea. This newspaper could not be afterwards found when looked for. Since that time we had heard nothing of him directly or indirectly dear or alive.

My grandfather Richard Bride, had the Imperial Hotel, Lower Aghada, and gave it to my father and mother on their marriage, and they kept it until 1894 when it passed out of the family.

My father was a Tipperary man from Templemore, and his sister was a school mistress at Ballycahill N.S.

There are only 7 of my family now alive. I am the eldest living son.

Yours respectfully

Thomas V Burgess

Rector Lodge
Upper Aghada
Co. Cork

5-7 26
(ie probably May 7 1926 if date consistency is followed with other letters

P.S. Both my parents are dead