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The is a transcription of Elizabeth Burgess' letter to her sister-in-law Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove) shortly after the death of Sarah's husband, Ted (Edmund). Elizabeth mentions that she and her sister Frances are the last remaining in Ireland. I note that there is a discrepancy in the date of death of their mother Abigail Burgess (nee Bride) as stated in this letter and a letter by Elizabeth written later in May 1922 to her sister Mary Agnes Daly (nee Burgess).

Here are the 15 Burgess siblings with their approximate dates of births.

Name dob Name dob
Edmund May 1859      
John Joseph(John Joe) Oct 1860   Michael (Mike) 1872
Mary Agnes 12 July 1863   Elizabeth (Liss) 1874
Mary (Hannah) Francis Oct 1864   Christmas Paul (Criss) 1875
Richard (Dick) 1866   Patrick Henry (Pat) 1876
Abinea (Abby) 1868   William 1877
Pauline Jane 1870   Ellen Francis 1878
Thomas V 1871   George 1880

MWJ Daly

Lower Aghada
June 16th 1908

My dear Sarah

It was with the greater pleasure I received your ever welcome letter on yesterday and was so pleased to hear yourself little Ambrose and all the family are in good health thank God. I know you will be sorry to hear my dear mother is dead two years last month. She died very quietly after being 10 years bedridden. I would have written to you before but put it off from time to time. Mother was a great loss to us- though being in bed. She could advise us poor dear, we can never forget her. She was such a good mind mother. She always thought such a lot of you. She often spoke of little Ambrose. She had a lot of trouble in this world but God will reward her in the next, and poor Ted, God rest their souls.

Francis and I are the only two girls in Ireland. Mary is still in Maryborough. Pauline went to America. Also Abbie the widow she got married again. We have three of her children rearing them for her. - John Joseph 10, Albinia 8 and Angelina 51/2 years. They will be 5 years with me on the 29th of this month. We seldom hear from their mother. We would not like to part with them if we could help it.

Little Ambrose must be a great comfort to you, dear Sarah. One of my brothers was laid up also for three years and we thought he would never recover but thank God he is getting on well.

He was suffering from rheumatism. My eldest brother would like to go to Australia but the fare is so high. He is a total abstainer and very hard working, I hope your dear father and mother are quire well also the boys and girls.

These are dull times in Ireland. Tell little Ambrose his poor Grannie was so fond of him. May God bless him and make him a good kind son to you as his poor father was. Dear Sarah, I will write to you regularly and send you some papers and I hope you will forgive me for not letting you know of my poor mother's death sooner but we had such a lot of trouble I put I off from time to time.

As soon as we can Frances and I will get our photos taken and send them onto you.

With fondest from

Frances, myself and the boys.

I remain your loving sister

Elizabeth Burgess

Kiss little Ambrose for his uncles and aunts. Love to all the family.

God bless you all