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This is the letter from Elizabeth Burgess to her sister-in-law Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove). Sarah's husband Edmund (1859-1897 ) died suddenly shortly after the birth of their son Ambrose Burgess (1897-1960). Ambrose is referred to as "baby" in the letter below. The letter is dated the same as another from Elizabeth's mother to Sarah.

The image of the letter below is a handwritten transcription.

MWJ Daly
Lower Aghada

August 8th 1898

My dear sister

Mother and all of us was delighted when we got your kind and welcome letter and was delighted that the baby and yourself were both in good health. Thank God - and we can never forget your kindness in sending mother the money it was awfully good of you and having a lot to do yourself.

My dear sister it was very sad about my poor brother's death. It must have been a great shock to you but I don't remember him as I was but a baby when he went away but I can remember ell all his kindness to mother and what a good son and brother to us. We all felt his death very much but dear sister it must have been a great shock to you to see him die so suddenly. The lord have mercy on his soul.

We were delighted to have had got your photos and mother is always talking about you and baby. All the boys send there (sic) love to you and baby also Frances and Pauline.

I am dear Sarah your affectionate sister

Elizabeth Burgess