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Transcription Notes:

Written by Elizabeth Burgess to her sister Mary Agnes Daly. Mary refers to herself as Agnes in some of her letters in this series. The people:

  • Dan - Daniel Daly, husband of Mary

  • Maggie Bride - might be a relative or in law of their mother (Abigail Bride)

  • Tom, Paddy, Frances, Mike - siblings of Elizabeth and Mary

  • Albinea and Angelia - sister and her daughter living in New York

  • Michael Magnor - maternal uncle who disappeared prospecting in Australia

  • Nephew Mike - Mary's son, Michael Edmund Daly. See the above link about Michael Magnor

  • Albinia and Angelina may be the nieces who stayed with the Burgess family when they were younger. See the letter Elizabeth sent to Sarah in 1908. These girls now seem to be living in another country - perhaps the United States.
MWJ Daly
Lower Aghada
May 29th 1922

My Dear Sister Mary

I hope this will find you in the best of health as it leaves all at home thank God. I was as we all were laid up with influenza since. I also had an abscess in my right ear, but is all right now thank God.

I hope you will excuse my not answering your letter received in the New Year, also enclosed One Pound and card for which I am most gratefull (sic)to you for sending it to me. And it was a great help to me. May God reward you for it. Want of employment is worse than ever here. Only the ex-servicemen have anything to live on. Please God, next month (June) things will take a change for the better I suppose. There are wearing times altogether. I hope things are much brighter over on your side.

I hope Dan, yourself and all the family are in good health. Maggie Bride is getting the old age pension she was 70 years a few months ago. Anne Donovan is getting the pension about 12 months now. They are as smart as ever. Ellie Cunan Brainey ran past here a few days ago, her hair as brown as a berry. She is like a girl of 16 years. She has a family of eight in all boys and girls (sic), and now she has grandchildren. John her husband must be very old.

Tom, Paddy, Frances, Mike are all well. Paddy is thinking of going to Tipperary with the gentleman he is working for to Cahir Castle Cahir. Tom has no family. Frances has a girl Mary Frances 6 years, and a boy John Joseph 4 years. They are just as badly off as the rest.

I hear regularly very week from Albinia and Angelina, but they have to pay way to the Brothers they can't send me anything. But it is a great ease to my mind to know that they are doing for themselves, that they are in good health, and that the country is agreeing with them thank God.

How is nephew Mike going on and his family. I think if he put Mike Magnor's photo in the papers with information wanted about his he may hear something about him and writ to the Bank of England, is I believe. Hew used Bank there. I hope the girls are well. We are having very warm weather here now. There are no boats running here now. I would like an Australian paper. I will write a long letter soon again with best love to all,

I remain

Your loving sister

Mother was 12 years dead on 21st May 1922 R.I.P.