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Transcription Notes:

This is an undated letter by Edmund Burgess to his brother. He mentions the recent birth of his brother Criss. Was Criss born around the time of Christmas Day which may explain his given name of "Christmas"?

It would not be unreasonable to estimate the date of the letter to be approximately 1876. Eddy wrote an earlier letter to his mother in 1875 from Townsville. He is on the Hodkinson Goldfield which is of repute (see The port which was built is nowadays city of Cairns.

Persons mentioned in the letter are:

  • Criss (Christmas Paul b1875)
  • Mike (Michael b1872)
  • Dick (Richard Daniel b1866)
  • Tom (Thomas V b1871)
  • Abbey (Abinea b1868)
  • Aunt Ellen (mother's sister)
  • Uncle Michael - Michael Magna

MWJ Daly


Dear Brother

I hope that this will find you all in good health.

I received your letter only yesterday and find we have another brother. I hope Mamma and Criss is well. I hope Mike is (a) good boy. Dick must be very jealous as I do not mention him at all. Tell him to forgive me. Is Tom as big a rogue as ever and how is Elly and Abbey? I hope G. Mother and Aunt Ellen are well. I suppose dada will have a spell again at (?) I hope he is in good health.

You and him will have plenty of fish in for the winter, I am very sorry I can't send you a X Christmas box but I hope I can send you one soon. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. Tell Grandmother Uncle Michael is in good health and is going home again next February. I am in the best of health thank God. This country is not so hot as people say.

I hope I will see you soon. Why don't you let me know how Pop is, Give my love to mother and father and G mother. I trust Ellen and all the children, Criss included.

I hope you are getting on well at school.

I remain your affectionate brother.

Ed Burgess