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Transcription Notes:

This is Abby's letter to her daughter-in-law Sarah, wife of the deceased Edmund (Ted). Abby gives some family updates and news on the current economic woes in Ireland.

Ambrose is the son of Sarah and Edmund.

The "younger daughter" is Pauline.

"Mary" is Abby's daughter Mary Agnes who is living in the Gympie/Maryborough region of Queensland. Mary sometimes refers to herself simply as "Agnes"

An image of the letter will be uploaded shortly.

MWJ Daly

Lower Aghada
April 4th 1905

PS since the 1st April, the postage is only a penny to Australia.

My Dearest Sarah

It was with the greatest pleasure I received your very welcome letter and was delighted to hear yourself, little Ambrose and your dear parents and all the family are enjoying good health.

I went through a great deal since last I last wrote to you. My daughter, the third oldest, came from America a young widow with six little orphans 3 boys and 3 girls. She is gone back to America since August 1904. The two oldest boys and girl are in the Convent of Mercy, Cork, and I have the 3 youngest here. The baby is walking, also my younger daughter went to America, the widow sent for her just before last Christmas. She is laid up there since with diphtheria. I am very lonely after I had a letter from Mary a short time ago. She has a big family and must have enough to do.

Dearest Sarah kiss little Ambrose a thousand times for me. I was always fondest of his poor father. Although I have never seen him I love him best. God bless and spare him long to you to comfort you. If he grows up like his poor father he will never cause you an hour's trouble.

I hope Alice and Mr Looney are quite well also all the rest.

Dearest Sarah how poor Ted loved you and how proud he was of you. God rest his soul. I am very glad you have had rain but we in Ireland are having too much rain. The crops failed last year and everything was very dear. Tea and sugar is nearly double through the war. We are having very bad weather. I am glad darling little Ambrose is a good scholar. He must be a big boy now. I would like so much to have your and his photo again if you can. Also your parents.

I am still bedridden and no improvement.

God bless you. Love from all at home but best and dearest love from your loving mother

Abby Burgess.

Remember me to your dear parents.