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Transcription Notes

This is a letter from Abby Burgess to her daughter-in-law, Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove)

Abby was born Abigail Bride and lived from about 1840 to 1910.

Abby is bedridden by this time of her life and keeps family photos under her pillow. See Elizabeth's letter.

MWJ Daly

Lower Aghada
Co Cork

August 27th 1902

My dear Sarah

I received your kind letter also One Pound and paper and it is very good kind and thoughtful of you to send me the One Pound. May God bless and strengthen you. I bought nourishment for myself and Christmas for it. Dearest Sarah I can never forget your kindness to me. Little Ambrose must be like his poor father - he was very thin growing ups dear little fell. He must be a great comfort to you. His poor father would be so proud of him poor boy God rest his soul. He was a good son to me. There could not be better.

Please God little Ambrose will always be a great comfort to you. I have about 30 grandchildren. But I could not love them half as much as I do little Ambrose.

I'm sure you must be lonely after Alice she was great company for you. Also your brother Tom.

I was very proud to hear your father and mother since. I will send you a paper tomorrow. The picture is of Brother Burke who was Ted's teacher in the Christian Brothers Cork. He always praised Ted for being such a good scholar. Show it to little Ambrose. Dear Sarah would it be too much to ask you to send me your own and little Ambrose's photo when you can. I have your photos near me in the bed so that I can always kiss them. Your paper was like our papers here all Irish News. It did not seem a bit foreign

With Best love my darling Sarah

I remain Your loving Mother.

May God bless you.
All boys and girls send their love.
Kiss darling little Ambrose for me.
XXXXXXXXXX Kisses for Ambrose
and yourself