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Transcription Notes:
After the death of Edmund, Sarah Lovegrove (Edmund's wife) stayed in close contact with her mother in law Abby and regularly exchanged letters - especially in the early years following his death. They offered each other a lot of support in their grief.
Sarah and Abby became very close and Abby considered Sarah as her own child. This is born out in later letters in this series from Elizabeth and Tom Burgess in Ireland and Mary Agnes Daly (nee Burgess) in Maryborough.

MWJ Daly
Lower Aghada
August 8 1898

My own darling child

I was delighted when I got your kind and ever welcome letter. And was delighted that your self wan d baby was so fine and strong. Thank God.

I am very grateful to you for what you send me it was most kind of you to think of sending it to me. I know what you done for poor Ted's. It was very expensive to you and therefore harder for you to send me what you did. It is a great pity you were parted so soon for he actually idolized you. His letters were all in praise of you but for his sake I hope you will keep up your heart and spirits as I know it would grieve him very much if your were upset. I am always think about your dear self and the child and I have both your and poor Ted's photo in m pillow that you sent me after marriage. I will be watching the post every day until I get baby's photo he has a good lot of teeth for his age an you may be sure he will be fine and strong now thank God.

My darling child I am telling you again that you will have happy days yet. I am very sorry your dear mother suffer for indigestion. May God bless and spare your dear parents to you. I is a great pity we are so far apart. What happiness it would be to see and speak to both yourself and baby. I feel the same way still I am so better.

I feel miserable and the only consolation I have is in hearing from you so I hope as long as I live you will always write to me. I did not hear from Mary since and the only think one must be dead. She said she was not well in her last letter.

With fondest love to you dear self and
My darling grandchild
Your loving mother
Abby Burgess xxxxxxxxxx

PS a thousand kisses for you
Kiss baby for me. God bless you and you dear mother and father.