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Transcription Notes

This is a letter to Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove) from her mother-in-law, Abby Burgess. It is written in sympathy to the news Sarah sent about the death of Sarah's husband Eddy (Edmund) at the age of 38 years.

Edmund and Sarah married in 1895 in Cassillis, NSW. They had two children.

The elder child Lillian, born about 1896 died earlier. The second child, Ambrose, is referred to in the letter as Baby. Ambrose was born in March 1897. Eddy died in June of the same year.

Eddy wrote to his Mum in May advising her of the birth of Ambrose and her response is part of this letter series.

MWJ Daly

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Lower Aghada

September 14th 1897

My Darling Sarah,

I received your kind letter. I got an awful shock about the death of my poor Eddy my poor child, you must have got a great shock to have him go so suddenly from you the poor fellow. It is a pity if it is God's will ye parted so soon. Dear Sarah he idolized you. All his letters to me were in praise of you. Dear Sarah, I hope your darling baby is fine and strong it is well for you my dear child you have your parents. Now may God spare them to you.

I have the photo of you and himself he sent to me everyday in the bed with me. I was very proud when I heard he was married, that he had someone to be fond of him the poor fellow, he left me at the age of sixteen and there was never a fonder or a better boy to a mother than he was.

I know please God he is in Heaven and all we can do now is to pray for him, let me where he is buried and let me know all the particulars about yourself in the next letter, my darling child, don't fret but keep up your heart, for the dear Baby's sake for if poor Eddy could speak he would be very sorry to see you fret.

It was fretting brought paralysis on me after his Father's death. I suppose poor Eddy told you all about it.

All his brothers and sisters were in an awful way about his death.. There was six of them born since he left home Darling Sarah. I would like very much if you could send me your Photo and the Baby's as soon as you can. I must now conclude with the fondest love to you and Baby.

I remain you broken hearted mother .

A Burgess