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Transcription Notes:

In the copy of the letter I have it is noted that part of the bottom of the letter is missing - possibly the signature as usually Abby signed off in that way.

MWJ Daly

November 26th 1880

My Dear Ned,

We got your kind and welcome letter and we are all glad that you are in good health, as we are all in the best of health at present thank God.

But John Joe has a sore chin but please God it will not be long sore, he is writing to you with this letter. He was very proud when he got your letter dear Ned. I hope you have my second letter I wrote to you by this time and I hope soon to have an answer to it dear Ned.

We were glad to hear that the country is getting something better and it is your father's and my wish to have you come home as I told you in my last letter, if you think you cannot do any good, dear Ned.

I would like you let us know what you have done with your horses and if you went to Queensland to sell them and what is Arrons and Peter doing? It is surprising Magnor did not stop with Downs.

Do you think there is any chance of Magnor coming back again Dear Ned.

Richard Brown writes home regularly. He sent his mother five pounds in his last letter.

It is rumoured here that Peter Murray is married dear Ned we often speak of you when we are all at the table together and wish you were with us but please God but we have that pleasure before long.

You would laugh if you saw the fourteen of us together and we all have such fine appetites thank God. Dear Ned I ask you for God's sake to write regularly to us as it is the greatest comfort to hear from you my Darling boy.

Your father, John Joe, Mary, Hannah, Dick, Abby, and all the children joins with me in sending our fondest love to you.

I remain your loving mother.