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Transcription Notes

This is a letter from Abby Burgess (nee Bride) to her son Edmond Burgess. She wrote the letter over a period of time and there is an addendum.

I have made a minor punctuation change to improve the flow of the text. You may wish to refer to the originals to check this.

Abby did not post the letter immediately after completing it and later added another page to it. Abby's children mentioned in the letter are:

Mary - Mary Agnes who married Daniel Daly
Aby - Abinea who migrated to the US.
Tom - Thomas V - born 1871 and in the 1911 Irish Census
Mike - Michael born 1872
Chriss - Christmas Paul born 1875
Lis - Elizabeth born 1874
Fran - Ellen Francis born 1878
Paul - Pauline Jane born about 1870

The town of Gosport mentioned in the letter is adjacent to Portsmouth in the UK.

MWJ Daly

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Lower Aghada
May 27th 1897

My Dear Eddy,

I received your kind welcome letter and I am very glad Sarah is safe over her confinement and that baby is fine and strong.

I am sorry the poor darling's breast was sore as I know what it is well, myself.

Dear Eddy I know you will be sorry to hear poor George died on the 5th May and was buried on the 10th in Gosport

I had a letter from him just this day month exactly and he said he thought he was getting better. And that they would invalid him home. And he said in his letter, dear mother with the help of God you and I will be walking together this day month; and poor child that day month was today as he is in his grave 3 weeks and one day.

He was longing to come home to see me. We got a great shock when we got the telegram of his death 4 or 5 days after getting his letter. We never thought he was so far gone. He was 17 years on the 20th March and he was so fine and fat and strong when he was home last; and he used to write such cheery letters. He was the tallest and stoutest of all the boys. You would take him to be 25 years of age.

I had a very nice letters of sympathy from the sister and priest who attended him last sacraments and that he died happy; and they were very fond of him. They cut a lock of hair and sent it to me. He got a heavy wetting on Malta and he got strained and it turned into galloping consumption.

He was invalided to England. He was about 4 weeks in England when he died.

Chris is from the navy for good. He has no more to do with it. He was invalided for heart disease and shortness of breath.

Tom's arm got better since I wrote to you last. He is getting on only the same way. He is not so very strong. His right arm got a little poisoned again. I am only the same way myself. But poor George's death gave me a great shock.

With best love to Sarah and my darling grandchild and you my dear Eddy.

I remain your affectionate mother

Abby Burgess

The letter continues:

Dear Eddy, I was very sorry to hear about poor Mary and her children and poor Aby's children and herself her husband were all down with the grip this winter. I know you will be glad to hear that Pauline got her confirmation on Tuesday. She passed grand. She is young to get her communion on the 29th June. She is the last now.

I am sending you the paper also a paper you sent me years ago I am sending you to remind you of old times. I have it n my box over 20 years.

My dear Eddy I am very, very grateful to you for the ?1. To tell the truth I was in want of it when I got it. It was very thoughtful of you when you had such a lot to think of.

Paddy is in Malta. He expects to be home in August.

Tom, Mike, Chriss, Lis, Fran, Paul sends their love to Sarah, yourself and their little nephew. My God bless him and spare him long to you all.