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Transcription notes The original postcards were written between the years 1917 and 1919 which is about 90 years ago. They were passed to me by a cousin to whom I am very appreciative. M E Daly (1887-1937), the subject of the cards, is my grandfather. I am pleased to be able to share these with other family members.

First Postcard: Michael was living in Gympie at the time but did work between Maryborough and Gympie. It was written 5 days before the birth of his second son, Michael Christian Daly. The identity of Aggie and Maria are not known. However, Aggie may be Bridget Agnes McMahon, a daughter of his sister-in-law, Sophia Wilhelmine Enterman.

Second Postcard: Abby/Ab is Michael’s sister Abinea. Ken is Michael’s younger brother, 19 year old Kennedy Christmas Paul Daly. He was called Ken by his family and was named after his maternal uncle, Christmas Paul Burgess.. Ivy McMahon is the daughter of Michael's sister-in-law, Sophia Wilhelmine Enterman. Kathleen is perhaps Michael eldest daughter and who was 6 years old at the time. Gus is Michael’s wife - Justina Catherina Entenmann. The last sentence of the 1st paragraph is transcribed as it appeared in the original postcard.

Third Postcard: A PC is a postcard. It was written upside-down!

Please let me know if you can clarify or correct any points.

M Daly

First Postcard

This card is post marked Saturday, 7 July 1917 at Maryborough and addressed to:

Mr M E Daly, c/- Loco Dept, Railway, Maryborough

Dear Mick,

                    Just a line to let your know we arrived home safely on Sunday. We are not coming down to the Maryborough Show.  Father has had his six months leave since 24th May. Maria wishes to be remembered to you. When are you coming up this way? Hope this will find you quite well.

With love from Aggie XXXX

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Second Postcard

This is from Michael Edmond Daly and sent to his mother Mary Agnes Burgess. It is post marked Friday, 16 March 1917 at T.P.O.No. NG and addressed to:

Mrs D Daly, Coventry Street, Newtown, Maryborough Q

Dear Mother,

                   I met Abby by chance at the Station. I was posting a letter to Ivy McMahon and just as the train was leaving I took Kathleen out of the window and your basket. 

We did not know Ab was going through  I hope she gets on alright. She will be alright at McMahon’s. I have no more news, all's well.  I hope you are all the same.  Love from all your loving son. Ken will be home on Sunday.                   Michael

Ken is in Brisbane and will be back on Friday. I told Ab to telephone him in the morning. Gus likes the hat and dress. I have to go back to work now, so good morning.

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Third Postcard

This one is post marked Saturday, 5 July 1919 at Maryborough and addressed to:

Mr M E Daly, c/- Loco Dept Railway, Maryborough

Dear Mick

                   I received your PC safely. Glad to hear you were quite well. I may be coming to Maryborough sometime next week. I see by the paper they are having an Excursion from Maryborough to Bundaberg on August 1st.  I hope this will find you quite well as it leaves me with a cold.

With love from Aggie.

Excuse writing as I have a bad hand.

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